Perception vs Reality
in the Superyacht Industry

Your Perception rule your Reality

Article by

Marli Schoonraad

In the rich mosaic of life, each of us sees the world through our own lens, a single story woven into the vast fabric of human experience. It’s fascinating how a small shift in how we think can open up a whole new chapter in our story, showing just how mighty our perspectives truly are. It’s good to take a moment and think about what grabs our attention and why. What thoughts keep you company, and are you willing to stretch your horizons to embrace the unseen, allow the unknown, and let go of your comfort zone?

Traveling the world on Superyachts, I’ve seen firsthand how the places we visit and the people we meet paint the canvas of our minds, quietly shaping our deepest thoughts. Whether it’s the traditions we encounter, the conversations we share, the beauty or hardship of our surroundings, how we’re feeling, or the news and innovations we come across, all of these elements mold our view of the world in subtle yet profound ways. They influence how we interpret everything around us, from the symbols that cross our path to the values we hold dear, even affecting how we cope with stress.

This journey has taught me the importance of being mindful about what we let into our lives, choosing influences that enrich our view rather than limit it. Realizing that our perception is crafted by a collage of factors, from our cultural heritage to the gadgets in our hands, has been liberating. It encourages a more open and informed way of walking through life, unlocking doors to many experiences and insights, and leading to more meaningful connections with the diverse stories around us.

Perception is far more than just taking in what’s in front of our eyes; it’s a vibrant process, shaped by our past, our beliefs, and the context of our everyday lives. It’s about how we interpret and engage with our world, highlighting why it’s so crucial to foster a broad and adaptable outlook and be open to change while inviting the new, the different, the challenges. By doing so, we not only enrich our personal journey but also contribute to the broader narrative of humanity, bringing depth and vibrancy to our collective story.

After six years of traveling abroad, from traveling with a “circus” to finally making my way onboard Superyachts and journeying far from my South African roots, I’ve come to see the world through an entirely different lens. Here’s a glimpse into how such an adventure can transform your view:

Cultural Encounters: Every port we’ve anchored at has its own heartbeat, customs, and ways that have gently nudged me to broaden my horizons. Mingling with locals, and diving into their everyday life has been a lesson in humility and understanding, pushing me to question and sometimes reshape my own beliefs. Some places were more shocking than inspiring, while others were more magical than anything I’ve ever encountered before.

Guest Dynamics: The countless encounters with guests, each with their unique background, have painted my concept of luxury and service in new shades. These interactions, rich with stories and personal values, have subtly shifted my views on what it means to lead a successful and fulfilling life.

Solitude at Sea: The quiet moments amidst the immeasurable open ocean have offered me a mirror to my soul, prompting deep reflections on my values, aspirations, and the relationships I hold dear. It’s in these moments of solitude that I’ve come to understand myself and my place in this boundless world slightly better.

Life Amongst Crew: Living and working shoulder to shoulder with an incredibly diverse crew has been a crash course in teamwork and understanding. It’s taught me the value of clear communication, the beauty of diversity, and the art of leadership and compromise.

The Luxury Life: Being immersed in an environment of sheer opulence has led me to think about wealth, the essence of true luxury, and the necessities for a content life. It’s also opened my eyes to the broader societal and economic divides that exist much further than our polished decks, reminding me once again of the necessities for a content life.

Eco-Consciousness: Witnessing the untouched beauty of nature alongside the scars of climate change and pollution has deepened my commitment to environmental stewardship. It’s a constant reminder of the delicate balance we must maintain and strive for every day. Together we can make a difference, it’s the small changes, and as they say “the devil is in the detail”.

The Physical Toll: The meticulous demands of yachting, from managing back-to-back charters to braving the elements, have redefined my understanding of resilience, wellness, and the limits of my own strength, and 3 extremely simple things I wish I gave more attention to, water, stretching and sleep. YOU HAVE ONE BODY, SERVICE IT.

A Worldview Expanded: Navigating through different political climates and societal landscapes has enriched my understanding of the world, urging me to adopt a much bigger view of global affairs and human rights, especially at SEA.

Tech at Sea: Working with state-of-the-art technology and experiencing luxury at its finest has reshaped my views on innovation, convenience, and the role of tech in our lives. Did I say convenience… It allows for so much more time (to of course then do more convenient things)…

Personal Evolution: It’s the sum of all these experiences that has spurred significant personal growth. My perspective has evolved, marked by deeper empathy, a wider lens on global matters, and a clearer vision of what truly brings joy and meaning to my life.

Each voyage has been a chapter in a broader journey of personal discovery, weaving together a life filled and fueled by experiences that continue to shape and redefine my perceptions, making every day an opportunity for profound growth and learning.

“Your perceptions rule your reality. The line between perception and perspective is loudly drawn by humans but silently corrected by reality. The dispute between perception and perspective is settled by reality”

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