Lenus Pretorius
Lenus Pretorius
Lenus Pretorius

The Unique Experience of Being a Male Steward in the Superyacht Industry

The Story of Lenus Pretorius

In the world of superyachts, the roles and responsibilities aboard are as varied and vibrant as the vessels themselves. Among these roles, the position of steward is crucial, embodying the essence of hospitality and service. But what is it like to be a male steward, a role traditionally dominated by females, in this luxurious and demanding environment? Let’s dive into the life of Lenus Pretorius, whose journey sheds light on this unique career path.


Starting Out

Lenus began his journey in the yachting industry at 21, armed with nothing but his STCW courses and a resolute desire to excel in the interior department of a superyacht. His first rule was clear: remain open-minded and explore every avenue. This explorative spirit even led him to try day working on the deck before realizing his true calling lay within the stewarding domain.


The Power of Networking

Arriving in Florida, Lenus was struck by the sheer volume of opportunities and experiences awaiting him. With limited connections, he quickly learned that success in the superyacht industry hinges on effective networking. He dedicated himself to meeting as many people as possible, attending crew gatherings, and making his hardworking and professional demeanor known. Despite the challenges of being one of the few male stewards seeking work, his persistence in networking and daily CV submissions eventually paid off.


Climbing the Ranks

Lenus’s breakthrough came with his first-day work job, which quickly spiraled into more opportunities. His approach to learning on the job was likened to that of a sponge, eager to absorb every piece of knowledge and advice from his peers. His dedication and ability to impress the right people led him to a permanent position on a private motor yacht, and in just 13 months, he ascended to the role of Chief Stew in a department traditionally run by females.


Breaking Barriers

The journey of Lenus is a testament to the evolving dynamics within the superyacht industry. The narrative is slowly shifting towards inclusivity, with more males taking on stewarding roles and females venturing into deck and engineering positions. Lenus’s story is not just about breaking gender norms but about the relentless pursuit of professional growth and personal dreams.


The Never-Ending Journey

Today, Lenus continues to champion the golden rule of networking, emphasizing its importance regardless of one’s status or time in the industry. His career path exemplifies that in the superyacht world, opportunities are boundless for those who remain humble, work hard, and maintain a positive attitude. Each day is a stepping stone towards achieving personal and professional milestones.



The life of a male steward in the superyacht industry is filled with unique challenges and rewards. It requires a blend of professional excellence, personal integrity, and an unwavering commitment to service. For those like Lenus, it’s more than just a job—it’s a journey of continuous learning and personal evolution, paving the way to a fulfilling career amidst the waves.


Thank you for sharing your story with us Lenus, you are a true inspiration when it comes to chasing dreams and climbing ladders!

Lenus Pretorius

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