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"Passion with Purpose"

As a holistic-orientated Superyacht Training Academy, Pull North Yachting strongly believes in the importance of cultivating and nurturing specific industry elements that are relevant to the crew on board.

We recognize that a successful career within the superyacht industry not only requires technical skills, but also a range of soft skills that contribute towards the holistic development of an individual, and in line with this mission, we have identified the six key elements that we believe are essential for crew members in the superyacht industry.


First and foremost, knowledge is key in the yachting industry. This encompasses the technical knowledge surrounding the vessel, as well as the industry as a whole. Our crew members are required to have a strong understanding of safety procedures, navigation, contracts and general yacht maintenance. In addition to these technical skills, knowledge also includes cultural awareness and an understanding of proper etiquette when interacting with guests.


Confidence is another crucial element that directly affects the performance of our crew members on board. Through training and mentorship, we aim to instil a sense of confidence within our crew members, allowing them to react quickly and effectively in any situation that may arise. This includes being able to think on their feet, identify potential issues and proactively find solutions to ensure the smooth running of the vessel.


Mindset is a vital element that is often overlooked in the superyacht industry. A positive and adaptable mindset is essential when working onboard, as the environment can be physically and mentally demanding. We encourage our crew members to adopt a growth mindset, one that is open to learning and willing to embrace new challenges. By fostering an adaptable mindset, our crew members are better equipped to handle any situation that they may encounter on board.


Passion is the driving force behind the success of many of our crew members. A passion for the industry, vessel, and guests can distinguish an ordinary crew member from an exceptional one. We encourage our crew members to find fulfillment in their roles and to take pride in the work that they do. We believe that a passion for the industry directly translates into elevated levels of service and performance.


Building relationships and networking in the superyacht industry is extremely valuable for all crew members out there. Networking can lead to new opportunities and connections that can help advance careers as well as curate platforms for “life after yachting”. Having a strong network can provide support and guidance when faced with challenges. Thus the reason for Pull North building such a strong community of like-minded individuals.


Finally, purpose is an element that goes beyond the scope of individual roles and functions. At Pull North Yachting, we encourage our crew members to understand and embrace the bigger picture of the industry. A strong sense of purpose creates a more meaningful work experience that transcends the day-to-day tasks on board. Understanding that their work contributes towards a larger narrative and instills a sense of pride and satisfaction in the roles of a crew member.

In conclusion, it is our firm belief that by focusing on the industry elements outlined above, we can effectively foster the success of our crew members, while simultaneously contributing to the overall growth and advancement of the superyacht industry.

This support extends not only during their careers, but before and after as well. Our commitment to nurturing and empowering our crew members remains unwavering in propelling excellence within this sector. Join us on our journey, rooted in our essence, we are committed to paving the way for opportunities while fostering an environment where our crew is empowered to embrace their authentic selves.

Why Choose Pull North Yachting as Your Superyacht Training Academy?

At Pull North Yachting, we distinguish ourselves as a holistic-oriented Superyacht Training Academy, dedicated to the comprehensive development of our crew members. Here’s why choosing us sets you on a course for unparalleled success:

Holistic Approach

Our commitment extends beyond technical skills. We recognize that a successful career in the superyacht industry demands a holistic skill set. By focusing on knowledge, confidence, mindset, passion, networking, and purpose, we ensure our crew members are well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Tailored Curriculum

Our training programs are meticulously designed to cover not only the technical aspects of the yachting industry but also the crucial soft skills that set our crew members apart. From safety procedures to cultivating a growth mindset, our curriculum is tailored to meet the diverse needs of the superyacht environment.

Experienced Mentorship

Pull North Yachting provides more than just training; we offer mentorship from experienced professionals in the industry. Our team is dedicated to instilling confidence, fostering passion, and guiding our crew members towards a successful and fulfilling career in the superyacht world.

Building Lifelong Networks

We understand the importance of networking in the superyacht industry. By choosing Pull North, you not only gain valuable skills but also become part of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Our strong network opens doors to new opportunities, support during challenges, and a platform for life beyond yachting.

Purpose-Driven Excellence

At Pull North Yachting, we instill a sense of purpose in our crew members. Understanding the bigger picture of the industry elevates their work experience, contributing to a meaningful and satisfying career. This sense of purpose translates into excellence, both on board and in the broader context of the superyacht industry.

Lifelong Support

Our commitment to our crew members goes beyond their training period. We provide unwavering support throughout their careers and beyond, ensuring they continue to thrive in the industry. Joining Pull North means joining a community that supports you at every stage of your journey.

In conclusion, Pull North Yachting is not just a training academy; it’s a gateway to a fulfilling and successful career in the superyacht industry. Join us on this transformative journey where opportunities abound, and authenticity is celebrated.

Your success starts with Pull North Yachting.

Pull North Certified

All the training courses booked through Pull North Yachting are accredited with the correct accreditations & we pride ourselves in the quality of the facilities we are affiliated with. Please don’t hesitate to inquire any further information.

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